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High Alumna Cement
Precast Prefired Shapes
1. Castocem range: High Alumina Cement: - medium purity (45 % Al2O3) and high purity (72%-75 % Al2O3). Capacity about 8000 MT/year.

2. Hypercast range: Dense low cement and ultralow cement castables with Al2O3 ranging from 30% to 95%, for service temperatures ranging 500°C-1800°C.

3. Supercast & Castocrete Range: Dence convetional castables, both medium purity and high purity, ranging from 40 % to 96 % AL2O3

4.Insulcast range: Insulating castables for various hot and cold face applications and temperatures ranging from 500°C-1700°C.

5. Phoscast range: Phosphate Bonded Castables.

6. Precast, prefired shapes like as per requirement. e.g Burner Blocks,Well Blocks, Flow Modulators, Darts, Dams, Baffles, Impact Pads, Lances, PCPF Block for Reheating Furnace etc.

7. Talilor made product: Please contact us for specific requirement.

We also execute turn key projects for various sectors (Design, Drawing, Detaling, Supply & Application).