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Testing Facilities

  • Chemical Analysis

  • Cold Crushing Strength (100 MT & 5 MT capacity machines)

  • Modulus of Rupture.

  • Hot Modulus of Rupture 1400 C

  • Permanent Linear Change upto 1600C

  • Thermal Conductivity as per ASTM.

  • Carbon Monoxide Disintegration Resistance test.

  • Pyrometric Cone Equivalent.

  • Le Chatelier Test.

  • Blaine’s Air Permeability (for specific surface)

  • Miscellaneous tests like porosity, bulk density etc.

  • Spalling (water quenching).

  • Abrasion resistance test. (ASTM C-704).

  • Flow test for LC/ULCC & other castables. N.B.: Method of tests as per BIS 10570 – 1983

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