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High Alumna Cement
Precast Prefired Shapes

Castwel Industries started in 1982 and went in to production in early 1983. Initially the plant was set up to make High Alumina Cement. Subsequently facilities for production of Castables were added. The firm is located at Nagpur (Maharashtra), India on an area of 12000 Sq. Mt. (1,30,000 Sq. ft)

The firms’ products comprise of: High Alumina Cement from 40% Al2O3 to 70% Al2O3 - both medium and high purity.

Castables with Al2O3 ranging from 25% to 95%, Dense Conventional, Low Cement & ultra low cement, Chemically Bonded, Insulation Castables, Acid Resistant Castables.

Pre-cast pre-fired shapes.

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